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I read with dis­may Don Bor­rie’s let­ter in your last week’s pub­li­ca­tion.

Don has been hav­ing a slice of those in lead­er­ship roles in Porirua for four decades, usu­ally ab­so­lutely re­fus­ing to be con­fused by the facts in any given sit­u­a­tion.

On this oc­ca­sion he crit­i­cises our mayor, Nick Leggett, fol­low­ing Nick’s ap­pear­ance on Q& A on Au­gust 17.

Don ac­knowl­edges that he did not see the en­tire pro­gramme but man­aged to come up with neg­a­tive com­ments any­way. Well, I ac­tu­ally did and I could not dis­agree more with Don’s views.

Nick has stated clearly on many oc­ca­sions his con­cerns with poverty in some parts of Porirua. In­deed at a re­cent Porirua City Coun­cil re­treat he strongly ad­vo­cated a coun­cil pol­icy of putting our kids first.

There is much that can and needs to be done to im­prove the lot of some of our chil­dren and to se­cure their fu­ture, but I hope and trust Don can ac­cept that the mayor and coun­cil’s role is pretty much limited to ad­vo­cacy to cen­tral gov­ern­ment and cen­tral gov­ern­ment agen­cies.

I agree with Nick that deal­ing with the causes of child poverty re­quires a strong na­tional econ­omy. Or does Don just want us to play around with the symp­toms of poverty?

Don has been a great talker over the years but never much of a doer. He seems happy to live in his fi­nan­cially-se­cure mid­dle-class world and pon­tif­i­cate about what oth­ers should be do­ing to cre­ate his ver­sion of a bet­ter world.

Do us all a favour, Don, and give it a rest.

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