What would our pets wish for?

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Ioften think I’d love to come back as a well-loved cat or dog – they lead the life of Ri­ley, don’t they! No work, no money wor­ries, no fam­ily prob­lems, food on their plate ev­ery day, doted on by their loving own­ers.

Of course, they don’t re­alise how good they have it.

If pets could make a New Year res­o­lu­tion list, it might look a lit­tle like this (with help from An­i­mal Planet): 1. Take time to eat the roses. 2. De­vote more time to qual­ity nap­ping. 3. Sched­ule more ‘‘me’’ time. 4. Eat more good books. 5. Have friends over more of­ten. 6. Ex­er­cise more by go­ing on un­ac­com­pa­nied walks.

7. Eat bet­ter (hu­man food al­ways looks so good on the kitchen bench).

8. Take up a hobby (dig­ging holes or scratch­ing the wall­pa­per).

9. Save more (old bones, socks, things found on the neigh­bour’s wash­ing line).

10. Be health­ier – go to the vet once a year if we must!

Pet own­ers could, of course, also have their own New Year res­o­lu­tion list for their pets. Maybe it would be a lit­tle more se­ri­ous, but it is also more im­por­tant.

Own­ing a pet is a choice and for pet own­ers to get out of a pet what they want, they have to put some­thing into the re­la­tion­ship as well.

And it is a re­la­tion­ship. Good re­la­tion­ships re­quire a bit of work.

1. Spend more time with your pets – they are ex­cel­lent for stress re­lief.

2. En­sure they get the right amount of high-qual­ity food.

3. Ex­er­cise them (mainly the dogs) and in do­ing so, ex­er­cise your­self.

4. Keep con­trol of par­a­sites with reg­u­lar worm and flea treat­ment.

5. Main­tain an or­derly home with clear, con­sis­tent rules and bound­aries.

6. Main­tain your pet’s health with reg­u­lar, sched­uled vet check-ups.

7. In­tro­duce your pet to new friends and neigh­bours.

8. Check that your pet’s ID or mi­crochip de­tails are up to date.

9. Be kind to your pet and you will be a kinder per­son.

10. En­joy your pet. We have them sim­ply for that joy.

Pet own­ers, in my opin­ion, are mar­vel­lous peo­ple. They care for an an­i­mal out of choice. It is a self­less act of gen­eros­ity and em­pa­thy. So I wish all pet own­ers a happy 2015.

Dr Ian Schraa is the owner of Rap­paw Vet­eri­nary Care.


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