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been right on the speed limit.

I had the speedometer checked by a me­chanic and was hor­ri­fied to find the fam­ily had been re­ly­ing on a faulty speedometer.

Whit­ford Brown might not be in a res­i­den­tial area, but it is a very short length of road lead­ing to and from sev­eral closely pop­u­lated res­i­den­tial ar­eas, so it has been as­sessed by pro­fes­sion­als as need­ing the lower speed limit.

And if you’re get­ting tick­eted for speed­ing, then at least you’ve had a warn­ing that you might need to be more vig­i­lant in en­sur­ing that you keep to the limit.

limit was low­ered? Your ed­i­to­rial (March 3) high­lights a lack of lo­cal knowl­edge. The cam­era is close to a res­i­den­tial area, near a busy school.

Be­fore the road al­ter­ations and speed cam­era, Whit­ford Brown Ave was fre­quently used more like a drag strip. Un­less the cam­era is faulty, if read­ers re­ceive a speed­ing cam­era ticket, they were trav­el­ling faster than the speed limit mar­gin.

New Zealand has adopted the Aus­tralian De­sign Rules for ve­hi­cle speedome­ters. All speedome­ters over-read, un­less mod­i­fied. The max­i­mum over­read is 10 per cent plus 5kmh for cars.

If you re­ceive a speed­ing

cam­era ticket is­sued show­ing an ac­tual speed of 56kmh, your speedometer read­ing at the time was prob­a­bly read­ing in the mid to high 60s.

If you travel at 56kmh from the bot­tom of the road to the round­about at the top, you will save less than two sec­onds. If sec­onds are that vi­tal to your life, spend less time in the bath­room, or on your mo­bile.

I do have three sug­ges­tions for the po­lice/NZ Trans­port Agency/ Porirua City Coun­cil, though:

1. Lo­cal in­dica­tive elec­tronic speed dis­play signs are of­ten in­con­sis­tent with speed cam­era en­force­ment, ap­ply­ing dif­fer­ent tol­er­ances. If the speed limit is 50kmh, th­ese signs should dis­play ‘‘slow down’’ if you are trav­el­ling faster than 50kmh, not faster than 55kmh.

2. Fines from speed cam­eras in 50kmh ar­eas, should be shared 50:50 with the lo­cal com­mu­nity.

3. Of­fer the op­tion of ad­vis­ing speed­ing driv­ers nearly real-time of cam­era fines, via text or email, though if you reg­is­tered for this ser­vice, it does sug­gest speed­ing is sec­ond na­ture.

Whitby School, a sub­ur­ban 50kmh zone. As I write, traf­fic is zoom­ing down the hill. You can hear that ve­hi­cles are go­ing over 50kmh.

Re­peated com­plaints by the neigh­bour­hood have had no ef­fect. Oc­ca­sion­ally a po­lice car’s pres­ence slows the traf­fic. A speed cam­era would be far more ef­fec­tive and would pay for it­self, via fines, in less than a week.

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