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There’s only one place where peo­ple love be­ing dou­ble­crossed, and that’s at the cinema.

Be­ing bam­boo­zled by a love­able rogue is part of why heist films – packed with twists and turns that keep us guess­ing – are al­ways a treat.

Slick Rom-Com-Con Fo­cus is just such a treat, dish­ing up the dou­ble, triple and quadru­ple crosses like it’s two-for-one day at the candy bar.

When Nicky (Will Smith) meets a pretty girl in a ho­tel bar, his solo night out takes a turn for the ro­man­tic.

The girl, Jess (Mar­got Rob­bie), is as smart and funny as she is beau­ti­ful and the pair hit it off all the way back to her ho­tel room.

Which is where Nicky, the in­fa­mous son of an in­fa­mous con­man, rum­bles Jess’s rough and ready plan to con him out of his wal­let.

Re­al­is­ing who Nicky re­ally is, Jess, pleads with him to teach her the ropes.

She fol­lows him to New Or­leans for Su­per Bowl Week­end, where he and his team have cons run­ning all over the city, grift­ing lo­cals and Su­per Bowl tourists alike.

Nicky agrees to take her on, and things get hot and heavy be­tween them right up un­til the big mul­ti­mil­lion dollar con, where stone cold Nicky uses an un­wit­ting Jess as dis­tract­ing win­dow dress­ing.

Big job done, Nicky aban­dons Jess with her cut of the ill-got­ten gains. He leaves her dis­traught, and him­self ques­tion­ing the whole ‘‘love ’em and ditch ’em’’ game he’s been run­ning.

It sets them up neatly for a re­u­nion rid­dled with dou­ble crosses, lies and ever- ris­ing stakes.

There is an im­por­tant les­son in Fo­cus, and that is never to gauge a film by its trailer.

OK, it’s not al­ways true, but in this in­stance the shoddy, mirth­less, hatchet job that was Fo­cus’ teaser didn’t do this pleas­ingly flashy film jus­tice.

Some­body bet­ter be get­ting fired some­where, be­cause Fo­cus is ac­tu­ally a tidy lit­tle heist film, packed with wit, charm and enough twists and turns to give Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 a good run.

It’s all down to a pair of leads who spark off each other so well the ticket price ought to in­clude a bucket of wa­ter to put out the fires. There aren’t many ac­tresses who can match Smith’s fast ban­ter and easy charm so nat­u­rally, but what­ever it takes, Rob­bie’s got it in spades.

If there’s one com­plaint, it’s that the twists are some­times a lit­tle too pat and the fi­nal stakes push credulity. Still, it’s fun.

As sharp as heist films come, Fo­cus is one worth los­ing your purse for.

Dy­namic duo: Will Smith and Mar­got Rob­bie play Nicky, a jaded con­man, and Jess, a rookie pick-pocket, in heist ca­per Fo­cus.

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