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Can I ex­press my con­cerns about the de­struc­tion of per­fectly ad­e­quate and freshly painted bus stops op­po­site Count­down in Lyt­tel­ton Ave.

I fear they will be re­placed with some in­ad­e­quate lit­tle mesh-sided ‘‘shel­ters’’ that af­ford no pro­tec­tion from the wind and rain, and pro­vide nowhere near enough seat­ing for the big crowd of el­derly, dis­abled and so on who regularly have to sit and wait for buses there.

The two ‘‘mod­ern’’ shel­ters on the op­po­site side of the road there are an ex­am­ple of in­suf­fi­cient seat­ing.

If that is the de­sign to be in­stalled, then we need at least six to eight of them in a row.

Also, what is to hap­pen to the toi­lets there? Are peo­ple to traipse all the way over to where the canopies were pre­vi­ously with their shop­ping and miss their buses to go to the loo? Gov­ern­ment would do their job prop­erly.

With re­gard to Fon­terra, I lis­ten to the ra­dio a lot and hear the Chi­nese are build­ing their own milk pro­cess­ing plants.

The Chi­nese have said that they want the sup­ply to go di­rect to China from the gate to the shop, cut­ting out the New Zealand sup­pli­ers. They are build­ing up sup­plies in China – Fon­terra is doomed.

I lis­ten to the ra­dio and hear on talk­back about the num­ber of refugees we do not take. What an­noys me the most is the talk­back host never asks where are they go­ing to be housed?

We are so short of houses in New Zealand. Please let me know. Fi­nally, ra­dio pan­els. On the ra­dio they have so many ra­dio talk pan­els.

Some are very good and some are so bad.

The best one is Jim Mora’s on Ra­dio New Zealand, be­cause he has so many dif­fer­ent peo­ple’s opin­ions.

The next best is Larry Wil­liams on New­stalk ZB. Again, he has so many dif­fer­ent opin­ions be­ing aired.

The worst one is Welling­ton’s 2ZB, which has the same old two whin­ers ev­ery Fri­day.

They spout so much rub­bish and push their own agen­das.

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