Early morn­ing fire fight­ing mis­sion


Lock­hart, a win­ner in the 2011 cit­i­zen­ship awards, had gone on to be se­lected as deputy head girl at Tawa Col­lege next year.

‘‘In the mean­time she has served two years on the Welling­ton City Coun­cil’s youth coun­cil. An out­stand­ing young cit­i­zen,’’ he said.

Lead­ers recog­nised were Caro­line Kaulave, Red­wood School; Ge­orge Har­riss, St Fran­cis Xavier School; Tukasi Paongo, Tawa In­ter­me­di­ate; Nathan Cor­nell, Tawa School; Te Akonga Craw­ford, Tawa In­ter­me­di­ate; Ben Far­rand, Greenacres School; Fiona Rogge, Tawa School; Char­lotte Per­ris, Lin­den School; and Melissa Latu, Hamp­ton Hill School. Ge­off Hart­ley faced a rude awak­en­ing when a car smashed into a tree and caught fire out­side his house in Ti­tahi Bay re­cently.

Hart­ley said he heard a mas­sive bang at about 4am on Sun­day, De­cem­ber 6, and went out­side to see what had hap­pened.

He found a car crunched against a po­hutukawa tree in Owhiti St and the driver nowhere to be seen.

Run­ning back in­side, Hart­ley called the fire bri­gade then re­turned to the car car­ry­ing his own fire ex­tin­guisher.

He said he had just about put out the small blaze when his fire ex­tin­guisher ran out.

By then, the Ti­tahi Bay Fire Bri­gade had turned up and put out the fire.

Hart­ley, a 71-year-old pen­sioner, re­called other no­table hap­pen­ings in Owhiti St, where he has lived since 1969.

He said there was a mur­der across the road in 1997 and that in 2007 some­one drove up the street with no tyre on their car.

Af­ter Hart­ley’s brief ef­forts as a fire­fighter, he was dis­ap­pointed to find out that his 14-year-old ex­tin­guisher could not be re­filled.

How­ever, Cap­i­tal Fire Ex­tin­guish­ers has agreed to help him out.

Peter Don­ald, from Cap­i­tal Fire Ex­tin­guish­ers, said Hart­ley did a great job and that he was will­ing to sup­ply him with a re­place­ment ex­tin­guisher at no cost.

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