Granny and grand­son’s first book


Whitby 12-year-old Cas­sidy Ab­bot has joined forces with his grand­mother, Di­nah Pri­est­ley, to write a chil­dren’s book.

The Wicked Plum Tree is about a bar­ren plum tree and a mag­i­cal gar­dener, who coaxes the tree to pro­duce enough plums for the whole neigh­bour­hood.

Cas­sidy started writ­ing

it when he was 10. Writer and artist Pri­est­ley has al­ready had sev­eral books pub­lished.

The char­ac­ters be­hind the grand­son and granny pro­duc­tion are loosely based on Pri­est­ley, Cas­sidy and his ‘‘ec­cen­tric’’ grand­fa­ther, Tony Bur­ton, who had a plum tree that was not pro­duc­ing plums and re­planted it.

Cas­sidy’s ad­vice to young writ­ers is to keep at it.

‘‘You have got to be pretty de­ter­mined to write a book,’’ he said.

Cas­sidy said his friends at Dis­cov­ery School in Whitby had re­acted to news of his book with dis­be­lief, so he was plan­ning to take copies for the school li­brary as proof.

Be­sides his grand­mother, he cred­ited his teach­ers for help­ing him.

‘‘They have taught me a lot about writ­ing.’’

Pri­est­ley said her grand­son had the gift of the gab from a very young age and had al­ways been like a lit­tle walk­ing dic­tionary.


Di­nah Pri­est­ley, and Cas­sidy Ab­bot and their first book.

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