Trim­ming spend­ing, one book at a time

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Oc­ca­sional at­tacks on spend­ing can boost sav­ings Ha­bit­ual spend­ing can be trimmed Some lux­u­ries can be for­gone with­out dam­ag­ing your hap­pi­ness. El­liot’s Mid­dle­march. Only an­other 450 pages to go.

Ac­tively tak­ing the knife to spend­ing makes sense from time to time. Spend­ing can build ac­ci­den­tally. If work is par­tic­u­larly full-on, you can slip into buy­ing lunches. If you are sleep­ing badly, soft drinks can be a crutch to help get you through.

Habit is both the friend and the en­emy of wealth. Good habits breed wealth. Bad habits leech it away.

Of­ten, a jolt is re­quired to get us to change bad habits, such as a sud­den drop in in­come, or a big bill such as a short­fall in a health in­surance sur­gi­cal claim.

How much bet­ter not to wait for the jolt, but to be proac­tive, and try to spend only on ne­ces­si­ties, and lux­u­ries that re­ally do add to hap­pi­ness.


Eas­ing up on a book ad­dic­tion can help trim per­sonal ex­pen­di­ture with­out dam­ag­ing your hap­pi­ness.


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