Fam­ily con­flict,drama in col­lege pro­duc­tion


Tawa Col­lege stu­dents are tak­ing the stage in a pro­duc­tion they have writ­ten, di­rected and built the set for.

First time as­sis­tant di­rec­tor Sha­nia Lahina said the pro­duc­tion was very much ‘stu­dent led’ and although she and teacher Nick Brown wrote most of the orig­i­nal script the ac­tors change their lines to suit them­selves.

‘‘What you write down can be com­pletely dif­fer­ent to how you would act so if there’s a prob­lem in the script we can change it to how it works for us.’’

Har­ris Find­later plays the part of Kingi, a sol­dier, and be­tween study­ing for ex­ams wrote the mono­logue his char­ac­ter de­liv­ers.

‘‘The pro­duc­tion is just be­fore our mock ex­ams so it’s been a bal­ance of learn­ing the lines and bal­anc­ing my study.’’

He said the pro­duc­tion tells the story of a con­flict be­tween fam­ily mem­bers about sell­ing a house and whether it’s the right time to do so.

‘‘We want them to think about it and fig­ure it out for them­selves, we give mul­ti­ple hints for the au­di­ence, we show, not tell.’’

Sha­nia Bai­ley-Ed­monds plays Ngaire, a mother and wife, and said the use of the set will help the au­di­ence un­der­stand the fam­ily dy­nam­ics.

‘‘It helps en­hance the idea that the re­la­tion­ship be­tween each fam­ily mem­ber isn’t quite the pub­lic im­age, it looks into it and gives some un­der­stand­ing to their flaws.

‘‘Through the fam­ily con­flict they try and find their glue again... even if it’s a dif­fer­ent type of glue.’’

She said the play is set in Mahia on the east coast of the North Is­land and strongly re­flects the area and the iwi that calls it home.

‘‘It’s a bit of a Maori play, Paratiho means ‘par­adise’ in Maori and we’ve in­cor­po­rated a good amount of tikanga and te reo in there.

‘‘It has a lot of Maori kau­papa, you have to be care­ful when you cre­ate a play with cul­tural as­pects be­cause there’s a lot of worm­holes you could fall into with­out know­ing.

‘‘We’ve had a lot of cul­tural ad­vice from my fam­ily... I have high ex­pec­ta­tions for my­self.’’

The show runs from Au­gust 11 un­til Au­gust 13 in the Tawa Col­lege Hall, tick­ets are $12 for adults and $8 for stu­dents and are avail­able from the Tawa Col­lege of­fice and Drum­mond’s Phar­macy.

Har­ris Find­later and Sha­nia Bai­ley-Ed­monds take the stage in Tawa Col­lege’s pro­duc­tion.

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