What re­stores, en­er­gises you?

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I know my fo­cus for the new year needs to be on in­cor­po­rat­ing more rest and gen­tle ways of car­ing for my­self. I’ve had a ter­ri­ble year at work and am re­ally feel­ing the ef­fects. Can you give me some ideas about ways I can get more rest while still get­ting things done that I’m re­spon­si­ble for? Thanks so much. Leyla

Hi Leyla, firstly, good on you for recog­nis­ing that your phys­i­cal and emo­tional health would be bet­ter sup­ported through more rest and gen­tle ways. Many peo­ple would ben­e­fit from this. The first thing I’d sug­gest you ex­plore is what re­stores and en­er­gises you. This can be dif­fer­ent for all of us. How­ever, reg­u­larly find­ing space so that you can rest is one of the best health in­vest­ments you can make. In to­day’s world be­ing ‘‘busy’’ is of­ten worn like a badge of hon­our; many peo­ple see rest as fail­ure. So if you’re seek­ing per­mis­sion to rest, here it is! Here are some ideas to help you in­cor­po­rate more rest and restora­tion in your life.


While not tech­ni­cally rest­ing, cre­at­ing space in the morn­ing can cre­ate an un­par­al­leled sense of calm through­out your day. Rise early to make the most of the peace­ful­ness morn­ing brings. Boil the ket­tle and make your­self a cup of your favourite hot drink – find a com­fort­able spot where you can sit and ease gen­tly into the morn­ing. This is a beau­ti­ful way to set your in­ten­tions for the day and al­lows you time to wake with­out the in­ter­rup­tions and the hus­tle and bus­tle of early morn­ing in your house­hold. Do this for a week and no­tice how much calmer and more cen­tred you feel be­fore you start your day.


Many of us have lit­tle to no tran­si­tion into rest. We sim­ply put our head on the pil­low and ex­pect to switch off. A sim­ple med­i­ta­tion fo­cus­ing on your breath is a way to ease into rest. Lie flat on the floor, yoga mat or on the bed, or sit sup­ported in a chair, what­ever you pre­fer. Bring your fo­cus to your breath mov­ing in and out of your nos­trils. If you need ad­di­tional help there are many won­der­ful guided med­i­ta­tion videos/au­dios avail­able on­line. Use these as a guide to help you find what works for you.


You can ei­ther see pre­par­ing your evening meal as a source of stress in your life, an­other task that needs to be com­pleted or an op­por­tu­nity to nour­ish your­self/ your fam­ily. Pre­par­ing a beau­ti­ful soup, casse­role or slow cook can be med­i­ta­tive if you per­ceive it that way. Or pre-pre­pare meals or snacks on a Sun­day when you have space to cook with calm. It is amaz­ing how dif­fer­ent pre­par­ing a meal feels when you con­sider it a vi­tal part of your nour­ish­ment.


From the more in­tro­verted among us there is of­ten noth­ing more re­plen­ish­ing than a good read. Fact or fic­tion it doesn’t mat­ter – this time spent by your­self can be in­cred­i­bly restora­tive. In the age where ev­ery­thing is avail­able dig­i­tally you can’t beat pick­ing up a phys­i­cal book, hav­ing a break from screens and in­tro­vert­ing for a while. Read­ing be­fore bed is an­other won­der­ful way to help tran­si­tion the ner­vous sys­tem into rest.


When you take the rub­bish out at night, you might like to also spend some time out­doors and soak it up. No­tice the moon and the stars or the cloud pat­terns as this can be so nour­ish­ing for your soul.

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