‘Duck man’ just quack­ers about birds


‘‘There are plenty of peo­ple to look after furry an­i­mals such as cats and dogs but very few look after birds.’’

If you find an in­jured bird some­where in the Welling­ton re­gion the chances are it will end up in the hands of Craig Shep­herd.

Known as ‘‘The Duck­man’’, Shep­herd treats and re­ha­bil­i­tates in­jured birds from the hospi­tal at his Ohariu Val­ley home.

He told Kapi-Mana News what mo­ti­vates him, what scares him and why he doesn’t sup­port box­ing.

Why do you feel so strongly about help­ing birds?

They are amaz­ing an­i­mals which un­for­tu­nately very few peo­ple know much about how to care for when or­phaned, sick or in­jured.

There are plenty of peo­ple and or­gan­i­sa­tions to look after furry an­i­mals such as cats and dogs but very few look after birds.

How do you re­lax?

Feet up watch­ing some­thing funny on tele­vi­sion. It takes my mind away from all the seem­ingly never- end­ing list of tasks I find I wish/need to do.

If you could in­vite three peo­ple to din­ner - liv­ing or dead - who would they be and why?

Leav­ing aside my dear de­parted par­ents I would in­vite Barry Cos­sar, a neigh­bour I used to work for in my hol­i­days to thank him for the op­por­tu­ni­ties that helped me set up ca­reer-wise.

David At­ten­bor­ough for the amaz­ing man he is and Don­ald Trump to try and un­der­stand what makes him tick.

What’s your favourite place to be?

Home in Ohariu Val­ley: pretty much all my in­ter­ests other than am­bu­lance work are at my home.

If you could have one su­per power what would it be?

To be able to catch in­jured birds that oth­er­wise fly off so I can help take care of them. It’s very hard to watch a bird you can’t catch to treat or hu­manely eu­thanise.

What scares you?

An­gry peo­ple and bul­lies who hurt other peo­ple ei­ther phys­i­cally or emo­tion­ally. I see too many of these peo­ple, mostly in an am­bu­lance set­ting when you are at­tend­ing victims of vi­o­lence.

I won’t watch box­ing as I con­sider it le­galised as­saulted and I have seen too many peo­ple as­saulted seem­ingly for no real rea­son.

What was your high­light of 2016?

Just get­ting to 2017 and still be­ing mostly sane.


Craig Shep­herd (Welling­ton Bird Rehabilitation Trust) with an or­phaned duck­ling. Craig Shep­herd

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