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Re­cov­er­ing from Christ­mas might mean re­cov­er­ing af­ter an emer­gency is the last thing on your mind.

You might also think you need to spend money you just don’t have right now on stock­ing an emer­gency kit. You’d be wrong! You don’t need kits. Be­lieve it or not, your house and ev­ery­thing in it can help you in an emer­gency.

The food you have in your pantry right now is your emer­gency food – and un­like a stash of stored food, it’s un­likely to go off as it’s in use ev­ery day.

Build your pantry up over time when you can.

When there’s a spe­cial at the su­per­mar­ket, grab an ex­tra tin for the pantry.

A bag of rice or dried pasta, with a tin of soup will go a long way in an emer­gency – hav­ing ex­tras of these doesn’t take up much room and is rel­a­tively cheap.

Use the empty fizzy and juice bot­tles from your re­cy­cling bin to store your emer­gency wa­ter (20L each for a week).

The toi­let pa­per in your bath­room now is what you’ll use in an emer­gency – avoid get­ting down to the last roll!

The blan­kets on your bed, the clothes you have, any con­tain­ers you have, spare plas­tic bags, the band aids in the bath­room are all things you can use.

The list of things in your home that you can use is re­ally long.

Your friends, neigh­bours and fam­ily are an­other free thing that can help in an emer­gency.

In­vite the neigh­bours over for

‘‘The food you have in your pantry right now is your emer­gency food.’’

a pot-luck bar­bie if the weather is ever nice enough.

Talk to your fam­ily about what you will all do if an emer­gency hap­pens. Con­nect­ing with peo­ple around you and shar­ing what you all have means ev­ery­one can get through emer­gen­cies to­gether.

No one wants to spend money on things you might not need and you shouldn’t have to. Have a look at what you al­ready have.

Keep stocked up and re­mem­ber - be re­source­ful, rather than re­sourced.

Look around your home and see how long you could last with­out shop­ping – what could you do to ex­tend that time?

You don’t need to buy an ex­pen­sive sur­vival kit.

Get to know the peo­ple around you - shar­ing re­sources af­ter an emer­gency will ben­e­fit ev­ery­one.

If you have any is­sues on emer­gency pre­pared­ness that you’d like dis­cussed in this col­umn, email

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