The lead-up to the big day


It’s get­ting close now to Cigna Round the Bays on Fe­bru­ary 19 and many run­ners may feel nerves creep­ing in. That’s nor­mal.

This is a good thing. It means you have a healthy re­spect for the chal­lenge and care about do­ing well.

Here are some tips that may help: Have two goals in mind. The first goal is a time you would be elated with and dream of achiev­ing (and could reach if all things fell into place i.e. per­fect weather, you get enough sleep the night be­fore, enough hy­dra­tion, you don’t feel stressed etc) and another goal time you hope to fin­ish by.

Tell friends and fam­ily about the lat­ter goal to take the pres­sure off hav­ing to per­form on event day.

Or you could con­sider telling friends ‘‘my goal is to fin­ish with a smile on my face’’.

If friends or fam­ily of­fer to sup­port you at the event, then take them up on this.

It can be a won­der­ful boost hav­ing friendly faces cheer on your suc­cess. When I ran my first half-marathon, I had lots of won­der­ful sup­port which I was so grate­ful for.

I also had a friend of­fer to run along­side me and it was sup­port I will al­ways trea­sure.

When my legs got tired that day, he helped en­cour­age me to keep go­ing strong (even though my legs were scream­ing stop!).

Re­mem­ber your breath re­veals your state. If your breath is quick and shal­low, you will not per­form at your best.

So, try to re­lax and not let dis­trac­tions, or neg­a­tive thoughts, get in the way.

Con­sider us­ing a mantra for event day.

I re­peat a few words that em­power me, while other peo­ple count to six to help them fo­cus. Use what works for you.

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