Get­ting the dirt on med­i­ta­tion


Busi­ness meet­ings are tak­ing on a whole new mean­ing in Welling­ton, with a rise in ‘‘cor­po­rate’’ med­i­ta­tion pack­ing out classes in the cen­tral city.

Neil Meekin, a long-time med­i­ta­tor, says tak­ing the time to ‘‘qui­eten the mind’’ is ben­e­fi­cial to his work as an in­no­va­tion man­ager.

‘‘If you can imag­ine your day, there’s so much stim­u­la­tion. I know for me there’s just so much go­ing on,’’ he says.

‘‘There’s a metaphor: It’s like get­ting a big bowl of wa­ter and putting loads of dirt into it, so it’s all re­ally cloudy and you can’t see through. But when you come into med­i­ta­tion for half an hour in the day time, it al­lows the dirt to set­tle so you’re get­ting real clar­ity.’’

The clar­ity helps him be more cre­ative and switched on.

‘‘Even though you’re be­com­ing re­ally re­laxed, it doesn’t sac­ri­fice pro­duc­tiv­ity ... it’s ac­tu­ally the op­po­site: you’re re­laxed, but you’re ac­tu­ally so much more pro­duc­tive.’’

Yoga stu­dio Power Liv­ing Welling­ton be­gan half-hour lunchtime med­i­ta­tion classes three months ago. Co-owner Jus­tine Hamill says class num­bers have dou­bled in the past cou­ple of weeks.

‘‘The beauty about it is you can come in and just sit in your work clothes and have that half an hour to just tune in, without all the so­cial me­dia, without all the de­mands, without all the ‘blah blah blah’.’’

Co-owner Jase Te Patu says med­i­ta­tion is some­thing sim­ple that peo­ple can do for them­selves.

‘‘We’re just find­ing that just that idea of stop­ping in the mid­dle of your day, es­pe­cially if both ends of your day are hec­tic – it’s like hit­ting a re­set but­ton ...

Slow, deep breaths slow down a per­son’s au­to­nomic ner­vous sys­tem which leaves them feel­ing more re­laxed.


Med­i­ta­tors Neil Meekin, left, Jus­tine Hamill and Jase Te Patu.

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