New reser­voirs for Porirua


‘‘It makes more sense to have two reser­voirs – one on ei­ther side of the fault line.’’

Plan­ning is un­der way to im­prove Porirua’s water sup­ply with two new reser­voirs.

The city’s water sup­ply would be par­tic­u­larly vul­ner­a­ble if an earth­quake hit, be­cause it comes from the Hutt Val­ley through a sin­gle pipe­line.

The Ohariu Fault runs through the mid­dle of the city, sep­a­rat­ing res­i­dents on the west side.

A Welling­ton Water spokesman said that, along with en­cour­ag­ing each res­i­dent to store 20 litres of water for each of seven days, two big reser­voirs should be built to sus­tain the city in the wake of dis­as­ter.

‘‘On the east side of the Ohariu fault­line, a new reser­voir with a 11.3-mil­lion-litre ca­pac­ity is pro­posed at Aotea next to the two ex­ist­ing water reser­voirs.

‘‘This reser­voir would ser­vice the wider Kenepuru, CBD and Ranui Heights, Porirua East and Can­nons Creek ar­eas.

‘‘On the west side a smaller reser­voir with about a 3 to 5-mil­lion­l­itre ca­pac­ity is pro­posed in the gen­eral Takapu¯wa¯hia area. This reser­voir would ser­vice the wider Ti­tahi Bay area.’’

The reser­voirs should im­prove the city’s re­silience to an earth­quake, re­duce dis­rup­tion on a day-to-day ba­sis and pro­vide for fu­ture pop­u­la­tion growth.

‘‘Orig­i­nally, we were look­ing at one site for a sin­gle reser­voir.

‘‘How­ever, it makes more sense to have two reser­voirs – one on ei­ther side of the fault line – to lessen the risk that parts of the city are left with­out water sup­ply for long pe­ri­ods af­ter a dis­as­ter sit­u­a­tion.’’

Welling­ton Water will en­gage with the com­mu­nity later this year.

The pro­posed Aotea site is likely to be con­structed first.

Res­i­dents can buy 200-litre tanks di­rectly from Porirua City Coun­cil.

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