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Let’s be clear. This ed­i­to­rial is not printed with per­mis­sion from BP.

Same goes for the story upon which it’s based - the small mat­ter of a leaked in­ter­nal email that ex­poses ex­actly the sort of tac­tic that the com­pany would hotly and an­grily deny is pol­icy, but surely does ap­pear to be prac­tice. Sales were down in

taki, where prices had been more ex­pen­sive than nearby Levin. Solution: raise prices through­out the area and hope that at the com­pany’s ri­vals do the same. Ev­ery­body wins, ex­cept the mo­torists.

The prob­lem with such a story, as far as BP was con­cerned, was that it was based on a com­mer­cially sen­si­tive in­ter­nal doc­u­ment, and Stuff did not have per­mis­sion to use it in any form.

The na­ture and char­ac­ter of this sen­si­tiv­ity has more to do with guilty secrets than any­thing else.

It is pos­si­ble this was a rogue memo from a staffer who was quickly and sternly corrected.

But En­ergy Min­is­ter Me­gan Woods needs to con­sider whether the Com­merce Com­mis­sion is suf­fi­ciently em­pow­ered and equipped to at last get in­ci­sive on this is­sue. NEWS TIPS: Jared Ni­coll 04 474 0519 e:­ NEWS DI­REC­TOR: Shar­ron Par­doe 04 474 0165 e: edi­ SALESMANAGER: Ja­son Radovanovich 027 278 7291 e: ja­ CLAS­SI­FIED AD­VER­TIS­ING IN­QUIRIES: 04 473 9999 e: Welling­tonClas­si­ DIS­PLAY & DIG­I­TAL AD­VER­TIS­ING: Karla Mag­ill 027 404 7270 e: karla.mag­ DE­LIV­ERY IN­QUIRIES: 04 237 8118 e: fixmy­de­liv­ PICK UP YOUR KAPI-MANA NEWS AT: Pa¯takaMu­seum, Porirua Li­brary, Tawa Li­brary, Whitby Mall, the in­for­ma­tion desk at North City Mall

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