No home, she’s just pot­ter­ing about


There are four things An­neke Borren needs, and not one of them is a house.

‘‘A good chair, a good mat­tress, a sound sys­tem and a long view is all I want.’’

Af­ter 27 years in her Porirua home and stu­dio, the 71-year-old pot­ter is buy­ing a camper­van and plans to spend the rest of her days trav­el­ling the coun­try.

‘‘I’ll be stuffed if any­one puts me in a rest home.’’

It’s just the lat­est ad­ven­ture for the artist, one of New Zealand’s best-known pot­ters, and she’s tak­ing it all in her stride.

On Tues­day, as Borren talked about mov­ing on, 425 pieces of art she cre­ated or col­lected over the past 40 years were be­ing pre­pared for auc­tion in Auckland.

She wasn’t wor­ried about the sale, and was quick to point out hers was a story of ad­ven­ture, not sad­ness.

‘‘It’s the op­po­site of be­ing sad. They’re my friends, and I’ve looked af­ter them re­ally well, and I’m let­ting them go.’’

The move has been mo­ti­vated by the lim­ited fi­nances of a pro­fes­sional pot­ter but also her fail­ing health.

The art to which she has ded­i­cated her life has hurt her; years bent over the pot­ter’s wheel have dam­aged her neck to the point it some­times stops her from work­ing.

‘‘There’s al­ways a con­se­quence and this is one of them.’’

She won’t give up her art but, like many of New Zealand’s older pot­ters, she would slow down, she said.

‘‘We’re get­ting older and it’s such a phys­i­cal job that our bod­ies are wear­ing out. It has been hard but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.’’

The house will be sold but it’s not the end of her Porirua con­nec­tion. Friends have of­fered her the use of their Plim­mer­ton stu­dio, which is where she will base her­self.

She plans to travel the coun­try, stop­ping at friend’s houses and pot­tery schools, where she will teach the next gen­er­a­tion.

‘‘It’s one of the rea­sons why I want to be on wheels. To go there, to get that long view, to put things into per­spec­tive.’’

Even­tu­ally, when the trav­el­ling is done, she will park up close to her Auckland daugh­ters. There will be no rest home.

‘‘It’s a hell of a lot bet­ter for me than to be where the chairs are look­ing in in­stead of out.

‘‘This is the next stage, and I’m go­ing to have a great amount of fun.’’

* An­neke Borren’s fi­nal open week­end will be on Novem­ber 24, 25 and 26 at 12 Kiri­wai Road, Pare­mata.


Pot­ter An­neke Borren is sell­ing her ex­ten­sive ce­ramic col­lec­tion and swap­ping her Pare­mata home and stu­dio for a camper­van. ‘‘A good chair, a good mat­tress, a sound sys­tem and a long view is all I want.’’

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