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Lower lim­its drive us round bend


30, 50, 100, 90, and 80, just someof the speed re­stric­tions we Western Bay res­i­dents have putup with so road­ing can be­come safer and now, some plonker has de­cided that we­can only travel Katikati-Tau­ranga at 80km/h with parts down to 60once all work is com­plete?

That per­son must live in a high rise apart­ment in cen­tral Tau­ranga and work down­stairs.

What’s the point of all the safety im­prove­ments? The new Hilux has got more than 150kW, can travel over 200km/hand has a 5 star safety rat­ing. They don’t make new­cars to go slower, and you don’t see speedos in cars top out at 110km/h do you— more like200 plus, some even 260km/h. What’s the point? I wouldn’t even think it’s le­gal to re­duce speed like that on ru­ral state high­ways— it’s not ur­ban? The po­lice are go­ing to be rub­bing their hands to­gether when De­cem­ber 11 rolls through. There is no log­i­cal sense to re­duce speed like this. Last year’s sur­vey re­vealed the av­er­age speed dur­ing the day was be­low 90km/h any­way on State High­way 2. Hardly any­body speeds along this road, it’s al­most im­pos­si­ble un­less it’s late at night. Just an­other dumb rule that’s go­ing to do no good to any­one apart from the po­lice. It’s not the road, not the speed but in­di­vid­ual driver er­ror that causes car crashes; dis­tracted driv­ers play­ing on mo­biles the big­gest cause.

I’d like to know what oth­ers think of it, 80km/h— be lucky if you can get out of third gear, and an­other ex­cuse for ex­tra cost on freight. FERRY DE GRAAF Katikati


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