Some things we bet you didn't know about but­ter­flies!

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But­ter­flies can’t fly if they’re cold.

But­ter­fly wings are ac­tu­ally trans­par­ent – they are made up of very thin lay­ers of a thing called ‘chitin’ and the scales on top of the chitin re­flect light.

A newly emerged but­ter­fly can’t fly.

But­ter­flies live on an all-liq­uid diet, usu­ally nec­tar. No solid food here!

But­ter­flies are near­sighted, but they can see a lot of colours.

But­ter­flies only live for about 2 to 4 weeks.

But­ter­flies use their wings to cam­ou­flage them­selves from preda­tors.

But­ter­flies drink from mud pud­dles – it’s a source of min­er­als!

But­ter­flies taste with their feet - they have taste re­cep­tors there!

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