Kids Go Gardening - - Summer -

Flow­ers make us smile, and they at­tract but­ter­flies and bees to our gar­dens. Flow­ers grow quickly in sum­mer. You can grow them from seed, or by plant­ing seedlings from the gar­den cen­tre. The best flower gar­dens start with a plan! You might have a plan in­side your head, but bet­ter still - put your plan on paper! Your flower gar­den could be any size or shape. Draw its shape on paper and then make a ‘bird’s-eye view’ of the flow­ers you want to grow. If you know the size of your gar­den you will be able to fig­ure out roughly how many flow­ers or seeds you will need. Check the seed packet or plant la­bel to see ap­prox­i­mately how tall they grow and how far apart to plant them.

Tall flow­ers:

Sun­flower, Spi­der flower (Cleome)

Medium flow­ers:

Cos­mos, Salvia, Lark­spur, Taller marigolds, Tobacco flower (Nico­tiana)

Short flow­ers:

Dwarf Marigolds, Alyssum, Candytuft (Ager­a­tum), Zin­nia, Ver­bena, Pe­tu­nia, Gaza­nia, Nas­tur­tium

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