When the most ex­cit­ing place to be is in your own back­yard!


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Worms are na­ture’s en­gi­neers. We need them to keep our soil healthy so that our plants can grow. Build­ing a worm farm is a bril­liant and easy way to re­cy­cle kitchen scraps and make nu­tri­tious worm tea for your gar­den.

W orm farm­ing is a kind of com­post­ing. Worms hap­pily eat any­thing that was once liv­ing, es­pe­cially food scraps. What comes out the other end is called ver­mi­cast – webby stuff that’s fan­tas­tic for the soil - plus worm tea (some peo­ple like to call it ‘worm wees’ but its not at all smelly or gross).

Worm tea is amaz­ing plant food. Your plants will love it! Be­fore you feed it to your plants, mix it with enough wa­ter so it looks like a re­ally weak cup of tea (but it’s only for plants - don’t drink it!).

You can buy a ready made worm farm – but it’s fun to make your own. There are lots of dif­fer­ent ways – here’s how Mitch built his…


Usu­ally tiger worms are used for worm farm­ing. They are dif­fer­ent to the ones you find wrig­gling in your soil at home.

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