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1 Choose a sunny patch of soil and give it a good wa­ter­ing the day be­fore you plant.

2 If you are grow­ing tall sun­flow­ers, place stakes in the ground (about 40cm apart). The stakes will stop the sun­flow­ers blow­ing over in the wind.

3 Be­side each stake, sow seeds about 1cm deep or the depth rec­om­mended on the packet. Hint: If you have plenty of seeds, sow in pairs and pull out the weak­est when they start to grow.

4 Wa­ter enough to keep the soil moist (not soaking wet). 5 Feed and wa­ter your plants as they grow and tie them gen­tly to their stakes with stretchy ties (you can make th­ese by cut­ting up old socks or undies).


Be­cause they grow so fast sun­flow­ers need plenty of food and wa­ter. Mix some com­post into the soil be­fore you plant. When your sun­flow­ers start to grow, feed them with liq­uid fer­tiliser or worm wees from your worm farm. Sun­flow­ers don’t like be­ing moved. If you sow the seed in pots, trans­plant them into the gar­den be­fore they get too big, or start them off in peat pots (or make biodegrad­able pots from empty toi­let rolls) so you can plant them in the ground pot-and-all. You may want to cover your seeds to pre­vent birds and mice eat­ing them.

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