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You will need

Two bowls, one with a di­am­e­ter about 2cm larger than the other.

Wa­ter Flow­ers from your gar­den 1 In the largest bowl, add some wa­ter, 2-3cm deep. Place it in the freezer un­til it is frozen solid.

2 Place the smaller bowl on top of the ice in the large bowl.

3 Fill the gap be­tween the bowls with flow­ers.

4 Slowly pour wa­ter into the gap un­til it reaches the top of the bowls, push­ing down any flow­ers that poke out the top.

5 Once filled with wa­ter, the smaller bowl may float. Weight it down with a large stone, (keep­ing an even space be­tween the bowls), be­fore plac­ing it all back in the freezer.

6 Al­low at least half a day for freez­ing.

7 Re­move from the freezer about 15 min­utes be­fore you want to use your ice bowl, to al­low time for the ice to melt slightly so that your ice bowl will eas­ily slip free from the in­ner and outer bowls.

Ka­cyand had­fun Grace ice in­gth­eir watch the meltin bowl sun! hot,hot

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