How to make a Pit­fall Trap

Kids Go Gardening - - Autumn -

This is a good way to study the ground-crawl­ing bugs that live in your gar­den. In­sects fall in and they can’t get back out, so make sure you check your trap ev­ery day.

1 Cut the top third off a plas­tic drink bot­tle and place it up­side down on top of the bot­tom half.

2 Dig a hole in the vege gar­den or flowerbed and set the trap so that the top rim is flat with the soil, so the bugs crawl in.

3 To pro­tect it from rain or sun place a lid over your trap. Sit it on some stones with gaps in be­tween so the bugs can still get through.

4 Leave your trap a few hours (or overnight) and then look to see what you have caught. You could do it a few days in a row or in dif­fer­ent places (e.g. in sun and shade, damp places or near old logs) to find out where the most bugs live at your place.

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