How to grow pea shoots

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You will need

• A con­tainer with drainage holes (we used re­cy­cled su­per­mar­ket pun­nets)

• Pot­ting mix

• Pea seeds

1 Soak your seeds in wa­ter overnight, or up to 24 hours. Not too long or they’ll turn rot­ten and stinky.

2 Fill your con­tainer with pot­ting mix, at least 3cm deep. Take it out­side and wa­ter thor­oughly us­ing a wa­ter­ing can. Then let it drain for ten min­utes or so. The pot­ting mix should be damp like a squeezed out sponge.

3 Scat­ter your soaked pea seeds over the pot­ting mix. Leave your pea seeds un­cov­ered so you can watch them sprout.

4 Wa­ter each day to keep the pot­ting mix moist. When shoots are about 12cm tall, it’s time to har­vest. Just cut off the top 8cm. This is the ten­der part.

5 Keep wa­ter­ing your peas and give them a drink of di­lute liq­uid fer­tiliser and they will grow back so you can har­vest at least one more time.


No­tice how your peas grow to­wards the light. Turn them each day to help them grow straight! For a con­tin­u­ous sup­ply of pea sprouts, sow an­other batch when your first batch is ready for har­vest.

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