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Re­move your plant from its con­tainer. Gen­tly loosen the roots then wrap them in a layer of sphag­num moss.


In a big bucket, put a few hand­fuls of pot­ting mix with an equal amount of clay soil. Use your hands to mix it to­gether.


Pack the mix­ture around the moss cov­ered roots, pack­ing it tight as you shape it into a ball. Stay as close to the plant as you can.


Press sphag­num moss all over the ball to cover it. You may need some help here.


Cut a long piece of string at least 3m long. Lay the moss cov­ered ball over the mid­dle of the string then wind the string all over the ball, criss­cross­ing it so that all the moss is held in­side.


Hang it from a tree branch or on a fence. To keep it wa­tered, soak the ball in a bowl of wa­ter (or hold a bucket of wa­ter up to it), then leave it to drain. You can also mist spray us­ing a squirty bot­tle.

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