Cre­ate a colour­ful wild­flower gar­den in your back yard

You w ill need :

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SEEDS Choose a Yates wild­flower mix or de­sign your own. Flow­ers to sow in spring in­clude: ager­a­tum, alyssum, cos­mos, echium and Cal­i­for­nian pop­pies. Find more on

SOIL Well-drained gar­den soil or a bag of gar­den mix and some Yates Black Magic.

WA­TER Use a soft spray wa­ter­ing can or hose at­tach­ment.

1 Find a sunny patch of well-drained gar­den soil.

2 Re­move all the weeds, roots and all.

3 Pre­pare your seed bed: loosen the soil with a trowel un­til it is crumbly like bread­crumbs, then use a rake to firm and level the sur­face. 4 Mix your seeds thor­oughly with a hand­ful of sand or Yates Black Magic. This makes it eas­ier to scat­ter small seeds evenly. 5

Scat­ter the seed mix­ture evenly over your soil bed. 6 Wa­ter gen­tly us­ing a wa­ter­ing can or a hose with a soft fine shower so you don’t dis­turb your care­fully sown seeds. 7 Keep the soil moist. Wa­ter gen­tly ev­ery morn­ing un­til your seedlings are 5-10cm tall. Once they have strong roots, they only need wa­ter­ing when the top of the soil feels dry.


If you have time, wa­ter the soil a week or two be­fore you sow your seeds, then re­move any new weeds that sprout.

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