Here's how:

Sow seeds straight into the ground where you want your plant to grow.

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1 Pre­pare the soil:

Choose a warm, sunny patch of ground, clear the weeds and mix in a bucketful of compost and a few hand­fuls of slow re­lease fer­tiliser, such as blood and bone, or sheep ma­nure. 2

Make a lit­tle mound of soil about 5cm high and plant three seeds into the top of the mound. 3 Wa­ter gen­tly. 4 Af­ter about three weeks, when your baby plants are grow­ing fast, pull out the two weak­est seedlings, leav­ing the strong­est to grow big.


As your wa­ter­mel­ons grow, es­pe­cially once they have flow­ers and the fruits start to swell, be sure to keep the soil moist with reg­u­lar wa­ter­ing.

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