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Sum­mer time means long, hot days and lots of time spent out­side. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own hide­away? Some­where quiet to read a book or have a rest. Grow a bean teepee and you’ll have a cool sum­mer hide­away that you can eat!

Max grew his bean teepee on the lawn but you can grow one in a patch of soil. Here’s how he did it.

1 Pick a sunny patch of gar­den - if it’s a lawn, get an adult to dig out a cir­cle shape. 2 Make your cir­cle into a ‘seed bed’ by dig­ging the soil with a gar­den trowel un­til its nice and crumbly OR if you have dug out a cir­cle in the lawn, fill the hole with plant­ing mix or top­soil from the gar­den. 3 Make your teepee shape with long bam­boo stakes or pieces of wood tied at the top. 4 Plant your beans and flow­ers straight into the soil - Max used a mix of climb­ing beans and Sweet Peas. 5 Wind some string around the bam­boo stakes - this is what your beans will climb on! 6

Don’t for­get to wa­ter them! 7 Wait a lit­tle while and soon you’ll have beans wind­ing their way all over your teepee. They grow re­ally quickly!

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