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Abra­cadabra! Pick some white flowers and turn them any colour you like! Here’s how…


• Food colour­ing • Wa­ter • White flowers (We picked ‘Er­licheer’ daf­fodils from the gar­den) 1 Pick your flowers and place them in wa­ter while you pre­pare your coloured mix­tures. 2 Make a good strong dye us­ing food colour­ing and wa­ter. If you have yel­low, red and blue food colour­ing you can mix any colour you like! e.g Blue and yel­low makes green, red and yel­low makes ….? 3 Re­cut the ends of your flower stems on the di­ag­o­nal just be­fore you put them in their coloured wa­ter. Cut them to length so they are about the right height for their vase with­out falling over. Re­move any leaves below wa­ter level. 4 Wait and watch. Check your flowers ev­ery few hours to see their progress. You might like to take pho­tos at each stage. The longer you keep your flowers in the dye the darker they will be­come. 5 Once you are happy with the colours your flowers have turned (af­ter a day or two) you can cre­ate a colour­ful ar­range­ment: Rinse and trim the stems and place them in fresh wa­ter.

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