How does this hap­pen?

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It might seem like magic but as a sci­ence pro you will know … Plants “drink” wa­ter from the ground through their roots. The wa­ter trav­els up the stem of the plant into the leaves and flowers. When we cut a flower off the plant it can’t get wa­ter from its roots any more but its stem can still drink! In­side a stem there are bun­dles of tiny drink­ing straws (called xylem). As the wa­ter evap­o­rates from the sur­face of petals and leaves, the wa­ter be­hind is ‘sucked’ up in­side the xylem. And if we put dye in the wa­ter, the dye gets sucked up too. This wa­ter move­ment through tiny tubes is called cap­il­lary ac­tion.

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