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What do you call a gar­den filled with xerophytes? A Xeriscape! Sum­mer is a great time to cre­ate your own mini xeriscape in a pot. Jeremy made a ‘pre­his­toric’ xeriscape. You could make a desert road, an alpine moun­tain gar­den, or a fu­tur­is­tic space gar­den. Let your imag­i­na­tion run wild!


- • Any con­tainer with drainage holes in the bot­tom (it doesn’t need to be very deep be­cause suc­cu­lents have shal­low roots). - • Pot­ted baby suc­cu­lents and/or cut­tings. - • Suc­cu­lent pot­ting mix. - • Peb­bles (pea gravel), sand or pumice. - • Dec­o­ra­tions. 1. Fill your con­tainer to about 3/4 full with pot­ting mix. Then add a layer of peb­bles, pumice or sand (2-3cm thick). 2. Care­fully re­move your suc­cu­lents from their pots. Us­ing a small trowel or an old spoon, plant them snug­gly into the mix. If you are plant­ing prickly cacti make a holder from a folded strip of pa­per. Gloves are rec­om­mended! 3. Use a chop­stick to poke holes for cut­tings and gen­tly push them into the mix. 4. Add the fin­ish­ing touches with more peb­bles or pumice and your dec­o­ra­tions.

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