Kids Go Gardening - - Autumn -

1. Line a seed tray with a piece of fab­ric, such as an old tea towel. This will make it easy to lift your grass out of the tray when you are ready to make your hob­bit house.

2. Half fill the tray with Black Magic seed rais­ing mix.

3. Put your tray in a sink with a few cm of wa­ter and let the seed rais­ing mix soak it up from the bot­tom, or wa­ter gen­tly us­ing a wa­ter­ing can. Leave it to drain for 10 min­utes.

4. Sow your lawn seed quite thickly.

5. Now you need to be pa­tient. Keep the seed rais­ing mix evenly moist as your grass grows.

6. When it reaches 5-6cm tall, give it a hair cut. This will make it grow thicker. About three weeks af­ter sow­ing you should have a nice thick car­pet of grass to make your hob­bit hole.

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