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Kids Go Gardening - - Spring -

1 Place some large seeds like peas, beans or sun­flow­ers in a pot of grow­ing mix, you need to bury the seeds about 2cm down in the pot.

2 Wa­ter your seeds, place them in a warm spot like on top of your re­frig­er­a­tor to grow.

3 Check your seeds ev­ery day and when you see that the grow­ing mix is dry­ing out wa­ter them again. Keep your mix rea­son­ably wet so the seeds will grow.

4 When you see the green shoots com­ing up, place your pot on the win­dow sill.

5 Keep wa­ter­ing your plants and you will see that as the plants get taller the stems will start to bend to­wards the light.

6 Once the stems have bent then you can turn the pot around so the bent stems are fac­ing away from the win­dow.

7 You will see that the plant stems will bend back the other way to­wards the light again. This will take a cou­ple of days to hap­pen.

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