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How did you pre­pare your tod­dler for a sib­ling? Do you have any tips for other mums about to have a sec­ond child?

Amy Sch­midt

Buy a gift for the older sib­ling (or both of them) and do an ex­change when the older child meets the new baby, and tell the older child that the baby got them a gift. Worked a treat with my first born when we wel­comed a sec­ond child re­cently! Also, there are books out there to pre­pare them on the ar­rival of a new baby. Good luck!

Kate Atken­son

If your tod­dler is in care, keep them in! It gives ev­ery­one a break; tod­dler from be­ing bored stuck at home and for mum and bub a time to po­ten­tially nap and also to bond one on one.

Jylie Rae

I got my daugh­ter a kids’ book say­ing a new baby is com­ing in the house and how she can help look af­ter the baby too. She re­ally liked read­ing it.

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