Mum’s Sup­port­ing Mum’s through PORSE

Will they cud­dle them as much as you do? Will they get picked up when they cry? Will some­one change their nappy as reg­u­larly as you would? Who will that be? Will it be a dif­fer­ent per­son each day? How many chil­dren will be shar­ing their fo­cus and en­ergy?

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It’s a daunt­ing thought. You know you need to go back to work (and no doubt far ear­lier than you wanted to), to keep the fam­ily bud­get in good health, but the idea of leav­ing your pre­cious lit­tle one with some­one else just breaks your heart. Find­ing some­one to care for your lit­tle one is a hard task. On one hand, you sim­ply have to, but on the other, your heart re­ally just isn’t in it. If you reg­u­larly en­joy cof­fee with your an­te­na­tal group, en­vi­ous of those that are think­ing of not re­turn­ing to work, take a mo­ment to think, could they be a good al­ter­na­tive? You have grown to­gether with your ba­bies; you know each other’s ap­proaches to par­ent­ing, and have most likely built friend­ships that will last a life­time.

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