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Did you use a dummy? If so, how did you wean your lit­tle one off it?

Tammy Chris­tiansen

My daugh­ter wouldn’t give up till she was three. We tried every­thing with­out the tears, then I promised her a tur­tle and she gave it up! We ended up with two tur­tles. Then my son would only suck one type of dummy and I cut the end off it and he threw it at me and didn’t care about it, or touch another one! He was two.

Sa­man­tha Lee Fairhurst

I used the hard yack ap­proach. We were hav­ing a bon­fire one night. He wanted to throw it in the fire so we did and I told him he can’t have it now, it’s gone! He didn’t ask for it back af­ter that. He was 15 months at the time. He’s three in Septem­ber and hasn’t had one since! Lucky run, I’m guess­ing!

Cather­ine Bat­ter­son

Both of my kids went cold turkey at nine to ten months when they were wait­ing for me to put it back in at night. Hard two days, but af­ter that it’s soooo good.

Gor­dana Bo­gunovic

We talked about it for a while reg­u­larly, then I helped him tie the rib­bons through the holes one Christ­mas and put them up on the tree as dec­o­ra­tions and there they stayed un­til the tree came down. Now we hang them up to­gether ev­ery year and have a gig­gle about how cute they are.

Re­bekah Sav­age

At nine months we re­ally did lose it. Af­ter three days we found it and thought, ‘Oh well she’s gone this long with­out it we might as well just keep go­ing.’ Our ten-month-old hasn’t parted ways with his yet but hope­fully he will soon, or it will “dis­ap­pear” when he turns one.

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