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Dad to two and fa­mous Kiwi in­ter­net fa­ther Jor­dan Wat­son, of the hi­lar­i­ous ‘How To Dad’ chan­nel, of­fers up some real, handy ad­vice to new dads. How many kids do you have and what are their ages? Two kids – Mila, four, and Alba, two. What is fa­ther­hood re­ally like, com­pared to what you ex­pected it to be? Sur­pris­ingly good. Well, when they are young. Yes, the lack of sleep is tough but they can’t re­ally run off when they’re ba­bies. I think it’s harder when they start walk­ing. So don’t be in a rush to teach them to walk! I grew up in a small ru­ral town and had pet lambs, calves, chicks and pup­pies – pup­pies that would cry out in the mid­dle of the night and you’d have to check on them, feed them some luke-warm por­ridge, etc. So they set me up pretty well. What have been the most chal­leng­ing as­pects of be­ing a dad, and how have you tack­led them? Dad back. Well, bad-dad-back-itis. It’s a real thing. I’m a rel­a­tively young dad, but re­mem­ber, al­ways bend your knees. I’ve had a few back is­sues be­cause you for­get how fast your lit­tle baby can be­come a chubby baby. Al­ways bend your knees. The late nights are tough but it’s team work. Me and the Mrs have a pretty good rou­tine so we share the load when it comes to check­ing on kids in the mid­dle of the night and who gets the ex­tra bit of sleep in the morn­ing. How did you come up with the idea of ‘How to Dad’? My wife left me at home with Alba when she was four months old. A friend at work had a baby on the way so I thought I’d make an ‘in­struc­tional’ video on How to Hold a Baby. I thought he would find it funny. Turned out the whole world liked it and the rest is his­tory. All jokes aside, what ad­vice would you re­ally give to a new fa­ther? Don’t stress. Too many par­ents freak out and panic at the small­est of things. Have fun. Google it. Make it up as you go. Life’s loud, kids are loud. Laugh louder. 

Jor­dan’s tip: Life’s loud, kids are loud. Laugh louder.

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