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Del­wyn Burke has three children with hus­band Alan; Ciara, nine, Sean Og, seven, and Lu­cas, two.

“I’ve got two sis­ters – one older and one younger, with big age gaps. There’s four and a half years between me and my older sis­ter and five years between me and my younger sis­ter. I’ve had mo­ments of be­ing close to both of them, but it’s more of a per­son­al­ity thing. We are all so dif­fer­ent. Be­fore meet­ing Alan, I didn’t re­ally want children, but we were pretty se­ri­ous about each other pretty quickly and there wasn’t too much plan­ning. Ciara was a wel­come sur­prise. Then we took this re­ally lonely pic­ture of her sit­ting on a see­saw when she was about one. We thought we wanted more children but that re­ally con­firmed it for us. We had an ec­topic baby af­ter Sean and we were warned that another baby could be quite com­pli­cated for me. Sta­tis­ti­cally your chances of hav­ing another ec­topic preg­nancy are quite high. I was also heart­bro­ken. It all hap­pened so fast and it’s still re­ally painful. I’ve not even told the children. I didn’t want to go through that again but de­spite con­tra­cep­tion, along came Lu­cas five years af­ter Sean. I think our age gaps, de­spite not be­ing planned, have worked out well. Ciara has a nat­u­ral nur­tur­ing side, and is very close with Sean. With Lu­cas, she just wants to mother him and look af­ter him. Un­til re­cently, Sean could take or leave Lu­cas, but in the last cou­ple of months he’s wanted to do more with him. I think it’s great, it gives the children op­tions. Ciara is grow­ing up and wants more time to her­self, and Sean and Lu­cas have each other. I do re­mem­ber be­ing con­stantly tired when Ciara and Sean were young. I’d have times when I’d take the two of them out for a drive to get them off to sleep and then I’d park in my garage and have a snooze too. I don’t have any fam­ily close by so there wasn’t re­ally any­one to help out. Alan and I have got­ten used to be­ing a team. Ciara and Sean were both at school when Lu­cas was born so I had more time with him, al­though I did have a Csec­tion which made the early days tricky as I couldn’t walk far or drive. Ciara has al­ways been re­ally help­ful, she will grab me the nap­pies and wipes and things. Also, Sean and Ciara have al­ways played well to­gether, which makes life eas­ier. They can both ride a see­saw! Ul­ti­mately, you can ap­proach it with all your ideals, but children are a bless­ing which­ever way they come. I don’t think it would be any dif­fer­ent if they were close or far apart in age. To have children at all is a huge bless­ing.”

Count­ing their bless­ings: Del­wyn and hus­band Alan with Lu­cas, Ciara and Sean.

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