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Hav­ing a good bed­time rou­tine will help en­sure your baby is easy to set­tle at night: Start with a quick breast or bot­tle feed be­fore their bath so they don’t get hun­gry mid-bath and start to cry. If your baby is hav­ing solids, then they would have din­ner be­fore their bath. The bath also helps by rais­ing baby’s body tem­per­a­ture and then drop­ping it af­ter­wards, which helps to re­lax them. Af­ter a bath get your baby dressed and ready for bed. Swad­dle or put them in their sleep­ing bag to help them recog­nise that it’s time for bed, and that they will soon be hav­ing their last feed be­fore bed time. If they’re old enough for sto­ries, this is a good time to read to them. If not, sing a gen­tle song or lul­laby in their room. It’s best that their last breast or bot­tle feed oc­curs in their sleep space with only dim light and enough heat­ing that nei­ther of you is cold. Feel­ing cosy in the semi-dark will help your baby pro­duce the hor­mone mela­tonin, which helps them fall asleep. The act of suck­ing as they feed trig­gers the calm­ing re­flex too; while cud­dling and hold­ing your baby also helps re­lax them.

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