Agam (7 months)

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From day two, I was bot­tle­feed­ing Agam and the Philips Avent Bot­tle Warmer was a god­send for me be­cause I didn’t have to wait for the milk to get warm. Nor­mally I would have to wait for 10-15 min­utes, putting it in hot wa­ter so that it’s warm enough to feed him. With the bot­tle warmer, you just put the bot­tle on and you’re good to go. He gets so cranky that I can’t af­ford to wait long! Also, in the ini­tial months colic calm was great. He had bad re­flux so that was re­ally help­ful. We started when he was five weeks old and I’m still giv­ing it to him now. And the mu­si­cal mo­bile that you put in the cot was amaz­ing when I needed to do some­thing. He would play with it for around an hour or so. But from five months he just ig­nored it. I re­gret­ted buy­ing swad­dles. He only used them for two weeks so it was huge waste.

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