Mum Kather­ine shares the story of her fourth child’s quick birth


Kather­ine, Marc & Maryanne

“Maryanne is my fourth child so I had an idea of what I wanted for this birth. I don’t think you can get ev­ery­thing the way you want it to be, but through dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ences with your pre­vi­ous births, you know more about what you want and what you don’t want. I re­ally liked hav­ing my ba­bies at the hospi­tal. I’m a ward clerk on the ma­ter­nity suite in an Auck­land hospi­tal where I ad­mit, reg­is­ter and dis­charge mums and their ba­bies so I knew I wanted to have a hospi­tal birth. I feel com­fort­able there. With my first, most of my labour was at home, as I planned to have a home birth, but ended up go­ing to the hospi­tal af­ter be­ing in labour for 30 hours. I felt like I needed to be near the pain re­lief! With my other births, I went straight to the hospi­tal. This time around my mid­wife asked me to stay home as long as pos­si­ble. We de­cided to head to the hospi­tal at a crazy hour of the morn­ing – about 1am. I rang my dad to come over and look af­ter the kids. My hus­band, Marc, and I got to the hospi­tal around 1.30am. When we ar­rived they filled up the pool for me, which is what I had planned. My mid­wife didn’t want to de­liver the baby in wa­ter so I knew I wasn’t go­ing to have a wa­ter birth but I re­ally en­joyed be­ing in the pool. It was great. I got out to use the bath­room, then be­came dis­tracted and ended up on the bed. Look­ing back, I wish I had gone back into the pool. Af­ter the pool, I just sur­ren­dered my­self. I stopped try­ing to make the pain go away. I thought, ‘I’ve got to get through this.

make the pain go away. I thought, ‘I’ve got to get through this. It’s only go­ing to be a cer­tain amount of time and it’s go­ing to be over soon and I’ll have the baby.’ To­wards the end, they told me I was de­hy­drated and that had made the baby’s heart rate go up so they gave me some fluid. Maryanne was born around four hours af­ter we ar­rived at the hospi­tal, at 4.29am. Not long af­ter that my dad brought the kids in to see the baby. They were re­ally, re­ally ex­cited. They couldn’t be­lieve that the baby was fi­nally here. They tip­toed over and had a peek. It’s al­most like they hadn’t been told that it was hap­pen­ing but they’ve known about it the whole time. We talked about it ev­ery day and then when the baby was fi­nally here they were like, ‘Wow.’ It was amaz­ing for them. I stayed in the hospi­tal for one night be­cause I had some blood loss, so they had to mon­i­tor me overnight and I had my bloods checked again the next morn­ing. It was so good to bring Maryanne home to be with the fam­ily. The first days at home with my pre­vi­ous ba­bies were so mag­i­cal and this time proved to be no dif­fer­ent and just as spe­cial. Love re­ally takes you by sur­prise in the most won­der­ful way. 

Kather­ine asked the mid­wife if Marc could pass her the baby im­me­di­ately af­ter birth. “It was so spe­cial to have him do this!”

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