Olivia (8 months)

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My hus­band has been amaz­ing through­out the whole thing. He was home for about a month. Al­though it was the hard­est thing we’ve ever been through to­gether, it was also the most amaz­ing thing. When I think back to the new­born days, I just re­mem­ber feed­ing her and hand­ing her over to Lee so I could get some sleep, then he’d hand her over a cou­ple of hours later and I’d feed her again then pass out. I’d do the night­shift while he slept. The first two months are the hard­est. You can read all the books and you can talk to ev­ery­body but you hon­estly have no idea what it’s like un­til it ac­tu­ally hap­pens. I had my mum and my hus­band’s dad nearby, who were both re­ally amaz­ing. Get­ting rest was re­ally help­ful, drink­ing lots of wa­ter and eat­ing well. I found it re­ally hard go­ing from a mid­wife to Plun­ket be­cause you go from this re­ally nur­tur­ing, help­ful, at-your-beck-and-call kind of thing to a Plun­ket nurse who is very black and white and tells you ‘this is how it needs to be’.

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