Baby mo­bile

Little Treasures - - NURSERY CRAFT -


Pen­cil and metal ruler 2 pieces balsa wood, 75mm wide x 1.5mm thick x 915mm long Craft knife Small paint brushes Test­pots in Re­sene Half Stack, Re­sene Gum­boot, Re­sene San­dal, Re­sene Cot­ton Wool, Re­sene Sher­bert PVA glue White em­broi­dery thread 20cm em­broi­dery hoop 1 Use our on­line tem­plates (trea­ to mark out moun­tains, trees and clouds along one of the pieces of balsa wood. 2 Stack the two pieces of balsa wood one on top of the other, and use the ruler and craft knife to cut out moun­tains and trees. Use the craft knife to care­fully cut the curves of the clouds on one piece, then use one of those as a tem­plate to cut more from the sec­ond. Paint six of the moun­tains in two coats of Re­sene Half Stack and the other six in Re­sene Gum­boot, leave the balsa wood un­painted around the edges and leave to dry be­tween coats. 3 Do the same for the trees, paint­ing the trunks in Re­sene San­dal and the tops in Re­sene Sher­bert. Paint the clouds in Re­sene Cot­ton Wool. 4 Use Re­sene Cot­ton Wool to paint snow on the top of the moun­tains in two coats and the snow drops on the moun­tains in one coat. 5 Cut the em­broi­dery thread into four 1.5m long pieces. Brush PVA glue on the back of one of the moun­tains painted in Re­sene Half Stack and lay the em­broi­dery thread on top so it ex­tends out the mid­dle top of the moun­tain. Brush glue onto its match­ing moun­tain and press on top. Do the same with a tree 5cm be­low the moun­tains. Leave an­other 5cm gap and add one of moun­tains painted in Re­sene Gum­boot, fol­lowed by a cloud. Make an­other thread us­ing the same process but with the moun­tains in re­verse or­der. Then make two threads with a tree at the bot­tom, fol­lowed by a moun­tain and a cloud. 6 Place all of the mo­bile pieces be­tween mag­a­zines and weigh down with some­thing heavy. Leave overnight to dry. 7 Loosen the screw on the em­broi­dery hoop and re­move the in­ner loop. Wrap the em­broi­dery thread of the mo­bile pieces evenly around this and tie in place. 8 Re-at­tach the outer loop and tighten with the screw. 9 There should be about a me­tre of em­broi­dery thread left on each of the mo­bile pieces. Take these four pieces and knot to­gether in the cen­tre of the loop, about 40cm up the thread. Plait the re­main­ing thread and fold over the top then knot to cre­ate a loop that you can hang your mo­bile from at the de­sired height. NOTE: Balsa wood will curve a lit­tle when you ap­ply paint and glue but flat­tens again when dry.

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