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Little Treasures - - NURSERY CRAFT -


4 tim­ber ba­tons, 40mm wide x 20mm thick x 85mm long 1 piece dowel, 18mm wide x 1m long 2 pine dowel pieces, 8mm x 40mm 19mm spade drill bit 10mm drill bit 150 grit sand­pa­per 2 pieces cot­ton rope, 60cm long Re­sene Quick Dry Sealer Re­sene Lus­tacryl paint in your favourite colour (we used Re­sene Snowy Mint) 1 Drill a 19mm hole 100mm down from one end of each of the tim­ber ba­tons. Drill a 10mm hole at the op­po­site end of each of the ba­tons. 2 Sand the baton edges, then roll up the sand­pa­per to sand the inside and edges of the larger hole in all of the ba­tons. 3 Drill a 10mm hole 15mm from each end of the dowel. Sand the length of the dowel, hole edges and ends. 4 Paint all ba­tons and dowel with a coat of Re­sene Quick Dry Sealer and leave to dry. 5 Paint with two coats of Re­sene Lus­tacryl, leav­ing to dry be­tween each coat. Sand all pieces lightly be­fore paint­ing with the last coat of paint. Leave to dry. 6 Thread two ba­tons onto each end of the dowel and push a small pine dowel piece through each of the holes in the dowel, to hold the ba­tons in place. 7 Thread cot­ton rope through the ba­tons on one side and knot at each end. Do the same with the other pair of ba­tons. 8 Re­move ba­tons from one end of the dowel to thread on baby gym toys.


Flan­nelette baby swad­dling cloths (I used a pack of three from Kmart) Wooden cur­tain rings Sewing ma­chine


1 Cut three 8cm strips from one of the cloths and iron in half length­ways. Stack strips to­gether and sew to­gether at one end, then plait strips and sew other end. 2 Fold plaited length in half and thread looped end through a wooden ring. Thread loose ends of the plaited length through the loop to se­cure to the wooden ring. Re­peat with an­other cloth. 3 Use wooden ring to hang on baby gym.


1 Cut an 8cm strip from one of the cloths and fold both sides in so they meet in the mid­dle and iron flat. 2 Fold in half length­ways to cre­ate a loop at one end. Fold un­looped ends over 60mm and sew to cre­ate a loop. 3 Thread large looped end through one of the rings and thread small looped end through the loop to se­cure to the wooden ring. 4 Re­peat to make an­other one us­ing one of the other swad­dling cloths from the packet. 5 Use a small loop to hang on baby gym, so the wooden ring is hang­ing down for baby to reach and play with.

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