Create a star mo­bile and moon mu­ral that are out of this world


Rock­ing chair

Wooden rock­ing chair 500ml Re­sene Lus­tacryl paint in Re­sene Cot­ton Wool and Re­sene Bright Spark 500ml Re­sene Quick Dry sealer Sand­pa­per 120 grit 1 Be­fore you be­gin, place your chair on a wi­peable sur­face, such as your kitchen floor. Give the chair a light sand down with sand­pa­per and use a damp cloth to wipe ex­cess sand­ing dust from the chair. 2 Paint the chair with a coat of Re­sene Quick Dry sealer and leave to dry. 3 Paint the seat, back and arms of the chair with two coats of Re­sene Lus­tacryl in Re­sene Cot­ton Wool; leav­ing to dry and lightly sand­ing be­tween coats. Leave to dry. 4 Paint the legs of the chair with two coats of Re­sene Lus­tacryl in Re­sene Bright Spark and then leave to dry. In be­tween coats, lightly sand. Leave to dry.

Star mo­bile

Jovi air dry clay 250g (comes in a 500g block from sta­tionery shops) Star cookie cut­ter 4cm size & 5cm size Wooden skewer Re­sene test­pots in; Re­sene Half Baltic Sea, Re­sene Cot­ton Wool, Re­sene Bright Spark, Re­sene Buzz Re­sene FX Night­light paint (80ml) String - we used a hemp string from Spotlight Drift­wood stick (ap­prox 40cm long) – check out your lo­cal beach to find the best drift­wood stick Bak­ing pa­per 1 Knead air clay to soften. Roll out on a piece of bak­ing pa­per to 5mm thick (this

makes it eas­ier to re­move the stars and gives both sides a smooth sur­face). 2. Use cut­ters to cut 9 large and 4 small stars. (The num­ber of stars you will need will de­pend on the length of your piece of drift­wood). 3 Use the flat end of the wooden skewer to make a hole in one point of each star. 4 Leave to dry on the bak­ing pa­per for a day, clay will be­come hard and whiten in colour. 5 Paint both sides and edges of stars with two coats of Re­sene paint – we painted 3 large and 1 small star in Re­sene Half Baltic Sea, 2 large and 1 small star in Re­sene Cot­ton Wool, 2 large and two small in Re­sene Bright Spark and 2 large stars in Re­sene Buzz. 6 Paint the Cot­ton Wool and Buzz stars with 3 thick coats of Re­sene FX Night­light. 7 Cut string to vary­ing lengths and tie one end to the stars and the other to the drift­wood 2cm apart. We cut our strings in lengths of 55cm, 40cm, 30cm and 20cm. 8 To hang your mo­bile, cut 1 me­tre of string and tie to each end of the drift­wood, cre­at­ing a loop.

Moon – wall mu­ral

Pa­per – news­pa­per works well Re­sene test­pots in colours: Re­sene Bright Spark and Re­sene Cot­ton Wool Re­sene FX Night­light paint Paint brush (70mm) Pen­cil, scis­sors and cel­lotape Painters tape 1 Use tape to stick two pieces of news­pa­per to­gether so you have a big enough piece of pa­per to draw a 40cm cir­cle. 2 Draw a large 40cm cir­cle with a pen­cil in the mid­dle of the news­pa­per and cut out. 3 Use painters tape to tape your cut out cir­cle tem­plate to the wall. 4 Us­ing a paint brush with a lit­tle paint (colour Re­sene Bright Spark), paint a criss­cross pat­tern in­side your tem­plate, leave to dry. You should see the brush strokes and the wall colour be­hind. 5 Re­peat with colour Re­sene Cot­ton Wool and leave to dry. 6 Paint over with a lit­tle of colour Re­sene Bright Spark and leave to dry.

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