Cre­ate a colour­ful gallery to dis­play your kids’ art­work


Won­der­ing what to do with all the art­work your kids make at home or at kindy? Why not turn a wall in your house into a colour­ful gallery

Painted suit­case art stor­age

Old suit­cases – op shops and Trademe Re­sene Quick Dry Sealer un­der­coat Re­sene Lus­tacryl paint in Re­sene Alabaster Paint brush

Wipe suit­case in­side and out with a damp cloth and a lit­tle dish­wash­ing liq­uid to get rid of any dirt and oils that will stop the paint ad­her­ing. Dry with a towel. Paint with 1-2 coats of Re­sene Quick Dry sealer; leav­ing to dry be­tween coats. Paint with two coats of Re­sene Lus­tacryl in Re­sene Alabaster (white paint); leav­ing to dry be­tween coats.

Teardrop suit­case

Re­sene test­pots: Re­sene Sports Star, Re­sene Bright Spark, Re­sene Free­lance, Re­sene Candy Floss, Re­sene Sea World, Re­sene Buzz and Re­sene Ruby Tues­day Sponge – we used a cos­metic sponge Ac­etate or card­board, A4 size Per­ma­nent marker Nail pol­ish re­mover Cot­ton wool Craft knife

Use a teardrop tem­plate and draw teardrops with a marker pen on a sheet of ac­etate. Use a craft knife to cut out teardrops. Use a cot­ton ball with nail pol­ish re­mover to wipe off per­ma­nent marker. Place tem­plate on your suit­case and use a sponge to ap­ply Re­sene test­pot paint. Leave to dry. Wipe tem­plate with a damp cloth then dry be­fore paint­ing more teardrops. For the paint han­dle, we used Re­sene Bright Spark.


Re­sene Lus­tacryl paint – we used Re­sene Alabaster and Re­sene Nero Tespots: Re­sene Free­lance, Re­sene Candy Floss and Re­sene Ruby Tues­day Painter’s tape

Use pur­ple painter’s tape to mark out a grid pat­tern on your suit­case. Ap­ply tape where you want black lines, a piece ei­ther side and re­move the mid­dle piece – this is where you paint your black lines. Paint over the tape edges with white paint to seal edges and to pre­vent the black paint from bleed­ing. Leave to dry. Paint two coats of Re­sene Nero to cre­ate black lines. Leave to dry. Re­move painter’s tape – if Re­sene Nero paint bled, scrape with a craft knife and touch up with Re­sene Alabaster. Us­ing test­pot paint, colour in some of the squares/rec­tan­gles be­tween the black lines. Paint th­ese ar­eas with two coats; leav­ing to dry be­tween coats. Paint han­dle. This is bet­ter painted with Re­sene Lus­tacryl than test­pot paint.

Kids art­work frames

Old wooden frames of var­i­ous sizes (visit your lo­cal op shop for bar­gain prices) Sand­pa­per 180 grit Re­sene test­pots – we used colours: Re­sene Sports Star, Re­sene Bright Spark, Re­sene Free­lance, Re­sene Candy Floss, Re­sene Sea World and Re­sene Ruby Tues­day Pliers Paint brushes Screw­driver Braided string/rope 2mm thick Tri­an­gle hooks - Pic­ture hang­ing Wire pegs (cop­per coloured) Com­mand Ad­he­sive Vel­cro pic­ture hang­ing strips (enough for each frame)

Be­gin by re­mov­ing the glass and back­ing boards from each of the frames. Use a pair of pliers to re­move any metal tags used to hold the back­ing board and glass in place. Lightly sand the frames and wipe them down with a damp cloth to re­move any ex­cess sand­ing dust. Paint in­side the edge (where the glass pre­vi­ously sat) of the frame, the front face and sides of the frame us­ing a Re­sene test­pot of paint; leav­ing to dry be­tween each coat. Us­ing a screw­driver, screw the tri­an­gle hooks to the back of the frames, one on each side. Al­low enough room to fit some wire pegs to hang the art. Thread some string or rope through one of the tri­an­gle hooks and knot to­gether. Stretch the string across the back of the frame and tie in a knot through the other tri­an­gle hooks. At­tach some Com­mand Ad­he­sive Vel­cro strips to the back of the frames and hang on your wall. Clip your chil­dren’s lat­est mas­ter­piece into the frame us­ing the wire peg.


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