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in­or­ganic col­lec­tions still ex­ists but you need to book in for it dur­ing that time, the prob­lem is you’re only al­lowed a small trailer load worth of in­or­ganic rub­bish, which isn’t much space to work with for the av­er­age house­hold with a years worth of in­or­ganic rub­bish. Some peo­ple also need to stop be­ing lazy and re­cy­cle more, and be more weary of the rub­bish you ac­cu­mu­late. It’s our planet, we all need to take care of it. Not just keep cre­at­ing tonnes of rub­bish and ex­pect­ing the coun­cil to al­ways fix it lol. Peo­ple need to take re­spon­si­bil­ity too.

That’s what hap­pens when the in­or­ganic is lim­ited per house­hold. An over flow of rub­bish piles up ev­ery­where. My house missed the in­or­ganic this year be­cause we didn’t see the ad­ver­tis­ing dates.

Il­le­gal dump­ing is so, so not cool, there’s no ex­cuse re­gard­less. In­or­ganic pickup has changed but it still does hap­pen yearly.

He­len Feiloak­i­tohi: April Lemon:

Bring back the in­or­gan­ics as they were.

In some parts of all of Auck­land there is such poverty that rub­bish and the

Jodi John­ston Jessie Maria:

en­vi­ron­ment is not on their agenda. In Pa­pakura we pay for Rates and have to pay for a small in­di­vid­ual red rub­bish bags each week as well. Rub­bish pick up and In­or­gan­ics should ab­so­lutely be free.

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