Good­de­sign is never a wasted ef­fort

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In life the best re­sults are ob­tained from tried, tested and per­fected sys­tems and pro­cesses.

This rings true across all fron­tiers. In­ter­nal de­signs are con­fined to a con­stant en­vi­ron­ment where tem­per­a­ture fluc­tu­ates lit­tle, so­lar ra­di­a­tion is min­i­mal and com­pe­ti­tion through un­wanted liv­ing or­gan­isms can be con­trolled eas­ily enough.

But step out­doors and it’s a whole dif­fer­ent world.

The great out­doors is where we love to play. We may re­treat into the co­coon we call home for eat­ing and sleep­ing, but es­sen­tially we are at the mercy of the el­e­ments some of the time.

Your gar­den is at their mercy all the time. Gar­dens are sup­posed to be kept and main­tained so they look good.

But with­out good de­sign they can’t look good even if the most de­voted gar­den­ers try to keep them tidy.

As house prices soar be sure to get the most value from your prop­erty. Value is de­fined not just in fi­nan­cial re­turns but in life­style re­turns as well.

With good de­sign you can achieve high-value re­turns through your ev­ery­day use and when it comes to sell. Good de­sign is func­tional and aes­thetic - in that or­der.

Good de­sign can min­imise time and costs spent on in­stal­la­tion, main­te­nance and loss of pro­duc­tion through good place­ment and flow.

Good de­sign prin­ci­ples ap­ply to every­thing. Just look at na­ture - it has de­signed it­self over bil­lions of years - and you could ar­gue you, yes you, are the very peak of its evo­lu­tion so far.

Don’t get over ex­cited though as hu­man per­fec­tion has not been dis­cov­ered yet.

Gar­dens need sig­nif­i­cant con­sid­er­a­tion in or­der to be func­tional and at­trac­tive, year round, day and night, for young and old alike, now and in the fu­ture.

A gar­den is not a sim­ple mat­ter of head­ing to the gar­den cen­tre pick­ing up a truck load of plants and pop­ping them in the ground as this ap­proach al­ways fails.

A good de­sign will al­low as much im­me­di­ate en­joy­ment as it will five, 10 or 50 years from now for a whole host of dif­fer­ent peo­ple.

If you are clever a gar­den will do all that and more - it could pro­vide de­li­cious veg­eta­bles, fruits and nuts that can be used as a sig­nif­i­cant source of sus­te­nance or in­come.

Gar­dens can pro­vide tim­ber for fu­ture build­ing projects, big or small, and they can be the place where the best child­hood mem­o­ries are formed. Clever de­sign can ac­com­plish all this and more.

Most de­signs re­flect the nat­u­ral sur­round­ings - they take choice pieces of na­ture’s jig­saw puz­zle and put them to­gether to com­plete a ‘6-D liv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence’ - sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and mem­ory.

Land­scape de­sign is un­doubt­edly the sin­gle best value pro­fes­sional ser­vice a home owner or new home buyer can in­vest in.

You can eas­ily spot homes that have in­vested in land­scape de­sign and there is no sur­prise that these are al­ways worth more and sell more quickly.

How­ever, more im­por­tantly the own­ers get more time and en­joy­ment from their prop­erty. So, go forth and de­sign.


A gar­den is not a sim­ple mat­ter of head­ing to the gar­den cen­tre pick­ing up a truck load of plants and pop­ping them in the ground. It takes thought and de­sign to get a good re­sult.

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