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While fly­ing, I can­not en­cour­age you enough to sim­ply eat when you are hun­gry and turn down any other meals you are of­fered. More of­ten than not you will be of­fered far more food than is needed, and as fly­ing de­hy­drates us, sometimes we can feel hun­gry when we are ac­tu­ally thirsty. It’s im­por­tant to stay hy­drated so drink plenty of water and avoid caf­feine and al­co­hol – these can de­hy­drate you fur­ther and can make it more dif­fi­cult to get qual­ity rest on the plane.

Q: How many eggs can I eat per week? Kind­est, Ju­dith


Whole eggs are very nu­tri­tious. They con­tain high­qual­ity pro­tein, nour­ish­ing fats, vi­ta­min E, vi­ta­min B12, vi­ta­min A, iron, zinc, se­le­nium and lutein, a carotenoid that sup­ports eye health. They also con­tain choles­terol. Choles­terol isn’t ‘‘bad’’ – it plays many es­sen­tial (yes, es­sen­tial!) roles in the body, but his­tor­i­cally there was con­cern that di­etary choles­terol would


On long-haul flights try to opt for light meals with a high veg­etable con­tent.

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